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until June 25, 2017

For its second year of operation, the Atelier/Gallery imagined et directed by visual artist Marc Gosselin, opens its doors to de new artists. The Archipel event represents this new activity  of the gallery and its ambition to fit into the local landscape. The will  of Marc Gosselin is to give artists from the Hochelaga district, and more broadly to Montreal artists, the possibility of showing their work to the public. The initiative is free, both for the artists and for the visitors.

For 6 months now, six artists have gathered around Marc Gosselin and formed this collective of multidisciplinary artists. From isolated islands are born the archipelagos, the name "Archipelago" then represents the heterogeneity of its inspirations and the diversity  of practices.

A vernissage and performances will be offered on Thursday, June 8, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. After this time, The Archipel exhibition will be on until June 25.

Alexandre Dubeau, photographer, will display his silver works at  the border between sensory and documentary, presenting the district of Hochelaga which he has been surveying for six months, going to meet its inhabitants and their places of life. .

Eléonore Mantelle, digital artist, offers a screening of the very short film “Interview n°3”, created for the occasion. She combines 2D and 3D animation techniques with live action to interpret and illustrate this life story, entrusted by a resident of the Hochelaga district.

Pascale Andre, bookseller on Ontario Street in Hochelaga, is a poet and visual artist. She offers a series of fantastic sculptures, supports of her poetry.

Damien Voindrot, painter, work on an experimental series which approaches the subject of the labyrinth thus questioning the ludic aspect of painting.

Sofie Lareau, painter, is working on a new series, mountains, emphasizing the grandeur and majesty of nature. Through textures and washes, she speaks to us of the environment and its fragility.

Marc Gosselin, work on a series of collages based on the abandoned habitats of Montreal and mainly Hochelaga.


Bertrand Loranger, composer and performer set the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke to music. The themes are deep, the melodies light like lullabies and intense like epics. Guitarist and singer for this project, he will be accompanied by double bass and accordion.


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