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MIXED - collective


03 au November 17  2017

opening March 3rd 7pm - March 4th 1am

Facebook event


3880 Sainte-Catherine Street East Montreal, Qc, H1W 2G4

514 292-0696

Marc Gosselin  / Workshop / Gallery, presents a group exhibition featuring artists from Hochelaga-Maisonneuve including; Yannick Chayer, Karine Demers,  Martin Rondeau, as well as Marc Gosselin.

Opening and musical performances by FOXP2 + Y Chayer will be offered during the evening of March 3, 2018  from 7 p.m. as part of the white night.


FOXP2 ; M. Rondeau / Bass

Y CHAYER ; Yannick Chayer / Soprano and electronic saxophone,




Karine Demers

   Inspired by paper as a medium, it is by folding it into simple shapes and in very large numbers that her pieces are constructed. She works with paper by drawing inspiration from various techniques borrowed from the traditions of origami and mosaic. The light, from different angles, adds depth effects   to the relief of the folds. Through clean or more organic forms, this artist manages to fascinate with elements that are both abstract and eloquent in her meditative approach to repetition. Constraint of Habit Disorders (OCD) and Eating Disorders, becoming creative force. Art therapy allows this artist to free herself through an aesthetic approach that is part of the analysis of her inner identity, the expression of her emotions and the affirmation of her personality. It is a reflection on a desire to stage all the beauty and vulnerability of our existence in a single creation.
His works, presented publicly since 2015, arouse curiosity and astonishment, while harmonizing with his personality through the work of patience, creative vitality, but also through the delicacy of certain pieces.


Martin Rondeau

  Martin Rondeau, renowned fashion photographer, naturally evolved towards art thanks to his vision and creative intuition. Under the lens, women are iconized, he creates beauty. He appropriates the image, transforms it, brings it to life by inviting us on a true initiatory journey, on a journey to the center of ourselves. It flirts with our taboos, reveals emotions, shapes them, stimulates them, sublimates them. His passion for aesthetics and its unmentionable mysteries pushes him even further within the limits of his artistic interpretation. His inspiration feeds on his fantasies borrowed from unbridled reality and assertive eroticism. His talent is illustrated worldwide by major art galleries and renowned events such as the Miami International Fair; the Art Basel. From America via Europe and Asia, his works travel, intrigue, fascinate and seduce both collectors and the fashion industry. It is therefore unquestionably that tomorrow, the art world will have to count on Rondeau's creative energy, a value that has become essential. His audacity and talent redefine the limits of the creative process, making this artist photographer a visionary.


Marc Gosselin

  Marc Gosselin is interested in the built environment, industrial heritage and the urban landscape. The suggested iconography is dominated by des 
representations of the urban environment. His work as a visual artist is punctuated by collages taken from photographs representative of his daily life. The resonance of Montreal's industrial architecture is present in Gosselin's artistic corpus, one can guess the heritage areas and abandoned kiosks. Despite rather static subjects, Gosselin lets the liveliness of landscapes shine through in his paintings. Whatever the subject and the preferred medium, his works have this curious power to reveal the process by which they are shaped rather than betting on a traditional form of representation. 


Yannick Chayer

  Having flirted between different artistic allegiances such as free jazz, Hindustani in India for a few years as well as plastic art, Yannick Chayer defines his practice as being rather dilettante. Through these varied fields of interest and different mediums he seeks to develop a personal language without rigid formulas. To be the flicker of an esoteric and free reality, transcending mass culture, is the target to be achieved. He is currently focusing on the possibilities of the soprano saxophone in an analog noise and concrete music context. He lives and works in Montreal where he participates in various collaborative projects as well as solo (the Clark center, the MAI, Circa, the Yves Laroche gallery, Puce 133, pop Montreal, Cuch fest XII and music Wednesdays).






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