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Forest Architecture byKarine Demers

April 24 to 28, 2019

opening April 25, 5 p.m.

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3880 Sainte-Catherine Street East Montreal, Qc, H1W 2G4

514 292-0696


Based in Montreal since 1997, Karine Demers studied visual arts and interior design. She then moved on to other areas while continuing to create on an ad hoc basis.    Motivated by practitioners convinced of the benefits of art therapy, she resumed creation in order to have a tool to control an eating disorder. Karine Demers has been integrating the practice of art intensively since 2013.
  Inspired by paper as a medium, it is by folding it into simple shapes and in very large numbers that her pieces are constructed. She works with paper by drawing inspiration from various techniques borrowed from the traditions of origami and mosaic. The light, from different angles, adds depth effects   to the relief of the folds.
  Through clean or more organic forms, this artist manages to fascinate with elements that are both abstract and eloquent in her meditative approach to repetition. Constraint of Habit Disorders (OCD) and Eating Disorders, becoming creative force. Art therapy allows this artist to free herself through an aesthetic approach that is part of the analysis of her inner identity, the expression of her emotions and the affirmation of her personality. It is a reflection on a desire to stage all the beauty and vulnerability of our existence in a single creation.
  His works, presented publicly since 2015, arouse curiosity and astonishment, while harmonizing with his personality through the work of patience, creative vitality, but also through the delicacy of certain pieces.  

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