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Marc Gosselin is interested in the built environment, industrial heritage and the urban landscape. The suggested iconography is dominated by des 
representations of the urban environment. His work as a visual artist is punctuated by collages taken from photographs representative of his daily life. The resonance of Montreal's industrial architecture is present in Gosselin's artistic corpus, one can guess the heritage areas and abandoned kiosks. Despite rather static subjects, Gosselin lets the liveliness of landscapes shine through in his paintings. Whatever the subject and the preferred medium, his works have this curious power to reveal the process by which they are shaped rather than betting on a traditional form of representation. 

Originally from Lanaudière, Marc Gosselin lives and works in Montreal. After having evolved for many years in the field of fashion and visual presentation, this artist is now concentrating on his work as a visual artist. Active since 2010, Gosselin has participated in various group and individual exhibitions.

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