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FUTURE - collective

Montreal White Night

March 28 to 03  2019

opening March 02 7 p.m. -  01 a.m.

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3880 Sainte-Catherine Street East Montreal, Qc, H1W 2G4

514 292-0696

Marc Gosselin  / Atelier / Galerie, presents a group exhibition featuring artists from urban and contemporary environments. Opening and performance on the evening of March 2, 2019, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Artists :Alexandra LevasseurJosiane LanthierEmmanuel LaflammeDominique Desbiensdj robinson,Eve Saint-Jean,Yannick ChayerMatthew BelvalCedric TaillonAlexandre PepinjeremiedbGuillaume Lepine,Gab Moreas well asMathilde Corbeil

Performances musicales : Noise / experimental byReviews; Yannick Chayer, Alain Lefebvre and Sebastien Trafalga.

Animation : DJ Interstellar ll

Commissioners : Valéry Legault & Marc Gosselin


Alexandra Levasseur,

Born in Shawinigan in 1982, Alexandra holds a BFA from UCR, Costa Rica (2006), an MFA in illustration from EINA, Barcelona (2008) and a major in film animation from Concordia University, (2014) . Through sculpture, painting and animated film, she seeks to represent the planet and its inhabitants as a single changing whole, a single inseparable moving organism. Since 2008, his works have been exhibited all over the world. She lives and works in Montreal.

The work presented in this exhibition is the result of a collaboration with Montreal photographer David Courteau. Self-taught, David Courteau uses analogue photography to capture human creations, focusing particularly on architecture and sculpture and giving his images a timeless character.


 Josiane Lanthier;

Bachelor in Visual and Media Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, in 2014, Josiane Lanthier specialized in painting. Since 2016  she loves sewing. The ideology behind the manufacture of the garment is also found in its practice in painting. That is to say, find a balance between the different forms of texture. The contrast of treatments feeds into each of the practices. They complement each other.


Josiane is inspired by reality, but we often find ourselves in a dreamlike, floating and ghostly space. In the fictional landscapes, with which she identifies, certain characters appear through the accidents she creates. The gesture of painting and the light are more important than the subject. It is by removing the iconographic content of the forms, that one immerses oneself through the colors: his first visual interest. Josiane highlights the juxtaposition of materials. She therefore sees the contrasts necessary to visualize a distance between each shape. The superimposed layers create an interesting interplay between substance and form. Treatments are varied using spray paint, vinyl colors, acrylics and pure pigment. She builds with what emerges. The chaotic manifestations are underlined which brings a vivid representation of a calm landscape.



Emmanuel Laflamme,

Emmanuel Laflamme humorously recycles popular imagery and creates meaningful scenes that lead to both smiles and reflection. Like the surrealists, he designs representations whose manifest impossibility captures the viewer's attention. He creates his works a bit like an advertiser who has nothing to sell. Combining cultural references, he diverts ancient and modern myths to serve us his view of the world, both tender and critical. The absurd is his playground, anachronism is his specialty. Emmanuel was born in 1984 in Montreal. A self-taught artist, he has worked as a cartoon designer and collaborated on advertising, cinema and video game projects. 


 Dominique Desbiens,

Dominique has been living, inhabiting and loving Montreal since 1991. When he first arrived in this city, he loved exploring and nocturnal urban climbing. Today his approach in painting is similar to this activity because it consists in representing the urban visual environment, both abstractly and figuratively. The two series of works he is currently developing are called Abstract Architectures and American Roofs. He mainly uses charcoal and acrylic on canvas to create this work, which is part of the current emerging movement in Montreal.


 dj robinson,

Is a visual artist who lives and works in Montreal. A graduate in photography, she is also self-taught, having been introduced to sculpture in 1998 and then turned to painting some ten years later. Very active on the local scene, Robinson has acquired a national reputation over the past twenty years. She has to her credit more than forty solo and collective exhibitions, and participation in various artistic events. Since 2011, her practice has focused on oil painting. Co-founder and co-organizer of the XL biennial (2011) and of the multidisciplinary non-profit Cercle CréatiC (2002), Robinson has also taught sculpture at the prestigious Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts. In 2007, the Honorable Mention was awarded to him for all of his work, as part of the Festival Rencontre des Arts in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Robinson has produced numerous album covers, including Live by Karkwa, Piano mal by Sagot and Rooster by Robi Kuster. She also designed and sculpted the Cardozo-Coderre Prize. His work has been published in the magazine Décover, the daily newspapers La Presse and the Journal de Montréal, the weeklies Mirror and Voir as well as in the Guide Culturel web de Radio-Canada. In 2017, Robinson obtained a Research and Creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.


 Eve Saint-Jean,

Absorbed by the complexity of the daily life that surrounds her, Ève attempts to analyze who we are, what we have been, what we are becoming, as well as the environment we inhabit and transform. She reflects, through graphic illustration and painting (mixed media), on the questions and existential anxieties that inhabit our society, and more particularly her generations, the millennials. She works on the immersive and carrying potential of the image by creating a dialogue between narration and abstraction.


Yannick Chayer,

Having flirted between different artistic allegiances such as freejazz, Hindustani in India for a few years as well as plastic art, Yannick Chayer defines his practice as being rather dilettante. Through these varied fields of interest and different mediums he seeks to develop a personal language without rigid formulas. To be the flicker of an esoteric and free reality, transcending mass culture, is the target to be achieved. He is currently focusing on the possibilities of the soprano saxophone in an analog noise and concrete music context.


Matthew Belval,

Originally from Granby, lives and works in Montreal.

Matthew Belval is a naturalist painter whose work is the consecration of everyday life. In his paintings, he gives a prominent place to subjects that usually escape representation. Whether it's a container covered in graffiti, leftovers from the morning table, or even a face without dings, the artist seeks to highlight the truth, to pay homage to nature as it is. There is something fundamentally universal in this ordinary.


Cedric Taillon,

Cedric Taillon is well known in the Montreal artistic community. He was co-director of the visual arts magazine Décover, co-producer of the Mtl en Arts festival and is himself in his 13th year as a painter and portraitist. In his current practice, he is interested in the creation of images that did not exist before the artist imagined them, works created from scratch without any references. His current creations take the form of abstract and dreamlike landscapes made in a style and a practice that have the sole purpose of relaxing the artist and tickling the imagination of those who will lay eyes on it...!


 Alexandre Pepin,

Alexandre Pépin is an emerging visual artist who lives and works in Montreal. Her paintings transform elements of flora, fauna, and the human body into plasticine and clay-based objects reminiscent of jewelry, porcelain, marbles, taxidermy, and other collectibles. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. He is the recipient of a research, creation and exploration grant from the CALQ in 2017, obtained for the realization of a residency at the Vermont Studio Center and a solo exhibition entitled Les Corps Fongiques, presented at the Marc Gosselin Gallery. Her work has recently been featured at ARTCH-Emerging Contemporary Art at Square Dorchester, Pour l'art at Galerie B-312 and Bombay Saphire Artisan Series at Center Phi.




Jérémie Deschamps Bussières lives in Trois-Rivières. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières since 2013 and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Visual Arts there. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_la Galerie COA to participate in  the exhibition Copie/paste/erase alongside 8 other international artists and in 2015 his work was part of Freshpaint at Galerie Art Mûr (Montreal), bringing together 40 emerging Canadian artists. In 2014, he won the national Art ici prize from Newad and obtained the Julian-Gruda prize in 2013. He has already signed a few individual presentations of his works and his work has been noticed in several group events , both in Quebec and abroad (Mexico, Serbia, China, Colombia, France, Spain).


Guillaume Desrosiers Lepine,

Candidate for a master's degree in Visual and Media Arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Guillaume Desrosiers Lépine is a young emerging artist from Quebec, from the city of Sorel-Tracy in the Montérégienne region. Working mainly in the discipline of painting, he develops a chaotic journey between printed images and painting. In 2017 he was a finalist for the Sylvie and Simon Blais prize for the next generation in visual arts 2017 and won the Jury Scholarship in collaboration with Mathieu Deschênes at the FAC 2017 (St-Lambert Contemporary Art Fair)._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


His visual arts research explores the manipulation  of pictorial ensembles to reveal the fluid and mobile aspect of his ideal type of painting. Through a game of free association between image and painting, his pictorial work evokes my embryonic questions about the role of painting in our experience post-internet of the world.


 Gab More

Gabriel Moreau is a multidisciplinary artist/painter studying for a Bachelor's degree at Concordia University. His artistic approach is concerned with the investigation, through new and traditional mediums, of contemporary and future sociological and aesthetic phenomena related to the widespread adoption of the Internet.


Mathilde Corbeil

Mathilde Corbeil is an illustrator and graphic designer. Behind many projects in the cultural sector, she has, among other things, signed the artistic direction of several record covers, dance, theater and cinema posters, in addition to collaborating in the animation of music videos. She currently works with the magazine Les Libraires, the Gazette des femmes, as well as the production company Porte Parole, with whom she produced hundreds of illustrations for the play J'aime hydro.

DJ Interstellar II

This sound project is that of Chittakone Thirakul, an artist of Laotian and Thai-dam origin, born in Thailand. Also artistic director of the experimental music label Jeunesse Cosmique, which he founded in 2010, and radio host, this talented DJ is constantly on the lookout for new nocturnal and starry tracks.


Rara Avis is a label for experimental music. Their mission is to publish the work of artists and musicians whose projects deviate not only from the old paradigms of experimental music but also from mainstream paradigms.

Rara Avis values music that is innovative, inspirational and risk-taking. Rara Avis values artists who perhaps go too far in their search for uncharted territory, sometimes creating confusion in public and perhaps falling into the realm of no-music or “not-yet-de-la”. -music".



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