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Marc Gosselin

/ Perspective

November 8 to 11  2018

opening November 08, 5 p.m.

facebook event

Marc Gosselin opens the doors to his studio/gallery space as part of the PERSPECTIVE exhibition, a new series of exclusive works. Gosselin presents the city from a different angle by highlighting street furniture, signage and industrial objects that we come across daily without noticing them or paying particular attention to them. Through photographic printing and the use of mixed media; such as reclaimed wood, old doors and rope, Gosselin brings out urban landscapes through textures, offering a different perspective of this common landscape. PERSPECTIVE also presents a preview of an exploratory series. More organic series inspired by fragments taken from more industrial works.


3880 Sainte-Catherine Street East Montreal, Qc, H1W 2G4

514 292-0696

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